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Shanghai Nomads is a independent research and development,production and sales fashion Adult products company headquartered in Shanghai and responsible for the sell and shipping.
Factory in Shenzhen and responsible for the development of new products and production. The Factory is mainly responsible for producing a full range of adult products, with an advanced Production equipment and a scientific quality management system.
With years of good Faith management and product quality has won the recognition of consumers. Welcome friends from all walks or life to visit, guide and Negotiate business.

Why choose us

2.Extensive Cooperation
We have been serving more than 50-world -renowned high-quality brand merchants,and our products are widely favored by consumers in China, Japan,the United States, Germany,Russia,Australia and numbers or other countries.

3.Production Capacity
We are equipped with 2000 sets of production molds with an average monthly production capacity of 200 tons .Owning professnal production team ,development tean, customer service team,we provide customers with convenient and superior OEM/odm solutions as well as best prices.

4.Innovative Products
Our simulation technology is in a preveninet postion in the global industry. Artifical products are re-engraved from the real human bodies in a one -to 0 one ratio,which perfectly restore the skin texture and details of the private parts.

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