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Sexual aids are a term used to summarize various sexual devices that were originally expressed under different names, including “sex aids”, “sex toys”, “sexual medical devices”, and so on. Sometimes people mistakenly refer to all devices used to enhance or improve sexual function as “sex toys”, or even demote them as pornographic devices, and completely ban them. This lack of identification and analysis.
sex toy
Sexual aids are a term used to summarize various sexual devices that were originally expressed under different names, including “”sex aids””, “”sex toys””, “”sexual medical devices””, and so on. Sometimes people mistakenly refer to all devices used to enhance or improve sexual function as “”sex toys””, or even demote them as “”pornographic devices””, and completely ban them, which lacks identification and analysis.

There are many sexual toys that are purely medical devices used to treat sexual dysfunction, such as “”negative pressure erection systems”” or “”vacuum potential developers”” specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction of the penis, and “”dilators”” specifically designed to treat vaginal spasms. They should be treated completely according to medical devices.

In order to better understand the overall picture of sex products, Chinese sexologist Dr. Ruan Fangfu proposed the concept and classification of sex products at the first clinical sex training course held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 1995, dividing them into three subcategories:

One is the “”sexual medical device””, which is completely used for patients with sexual dysfunction and is a therapeutic device.
The second is “”sex toys””, which are completely used to enhance sexual stimulation and pleasure in general. There are numerous names and choices that vary from country to country and culture, and their acceptance and selection may even be completely prohibited from circulating in the market.
The third is “”multi use sexual aids””, which can be used as both therapeutic and compensatory applications, as well as toys, and therefore need to be analyzed and treated differently. For example, inflatable female love dolls and inflatable male love dolls, used as alternative sexual partners for people with disabilities, are compensatory and humanitarian measures with healthcare implications that should be supported and developed. They are completely different from toys and should be treated differently.
Not all sex toys were introduced from the West. The “”dildo”” is the most common multi-purpose sexual aid that has existed in ancient China. The “”Mr. Jiao”” (also known as “”Mr. Jiao””, “”Personnel””, etc.), which is often described in Ming and Qing novels, is a type of “”false penis”” (“”false penis””) product. The ‘Mr. Jiao’ unearthed in Zhangpu, Fujian Province, has a shape resembling a real penis, made of pottery, measuring 14 centimeters in length and 2.8 centimeters in diameter. It has been identified as a work of the mid Ming Dynasty and is currently housed in the Zhangpu Museum. Another type of “”sex toy””, Burmese bells, also found in Ming and Qing novels, is a metal ball placed inside the vagina, which has the effect of enhancing sexual excitement. Therefore, it is called “”Ben Wa balls”” (also known as geisha balls, Burmese bells, Thai beans, Rino Tama, etc.) and is found in multiple countries and cultures. This type of ball has a diameter of about 1 inch and is now commonly made of stainless steel, gold, silver, or heavy plastic.
In contemporary times, the production and sales of sex toys have become a large-scale industry. A new trend in modern clinical sexology is to transfer many valuable therapeutic aids from “”adult stores”” to the hands of sex therapists and specialized sexual medicine institutions, promoting their use as healthcare products to improve the efficacy of sexual therapy and eliminate the sense of powerlessness that sometimes occurs in “”psychotherapy”” that only involves conversation. Some sexual medical devices are used to enable patients to experience “”immediate”” effects, To promote rapid and complete recovery of sexual dysfunction.


A vibrator, also known as a “vibrator”, can be called a “sexual oscillation massager” if it resembles a penis in shape. There are many models of this product, including those made of extremely soft materials, those with hardness similar to the natural state of the human body, and those made of hard plastic; Those who are tangible and resemble the penis, while those who are tangible and resemble small oval balls; Those with smooth and smooth surfaces, those with numerous surface textures and protrusions, and some with side mounted stimulation devices; Useful battery, useful AC power, with both power sources available; Those with variable speeds and those with single speeds; Those with variable contact points and those with a single contact point; Equipped with wearing equipment. It can be used to treat female symptoms such as frigidity and/or orgasmic disorders, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction (impotence).


Dildo can be translated as “”false penis””, “”false penis””, “”sexual rehabilitation device””, “”pacifier””, and so on. Nowadays, it is mostly made of rubber or plastic. Both male and female users can use it. The term ‘dildo’ can be derived from the Italian word ‘diletto’, originally meaning ‘to make happy’. It can be used to treat female sexual frigidity or orgasmic disorders, as well as sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (impotence).
There are many models of this product, including solid ones and hollow ones; Those with or without a vibrator; Made of extremely soft materials, with a softness and hardness similar to the natural erectile state of the human body, and made of hard plastic; Those with a shape that resembles a real penis and a shape that resembles a regular pointed cylinder; Those with smooth and smooth surfaces, those with numerous surface textures and protrusions, and those with * * stimulators attached to the side; Some are as large as the average human body, while others are extremely large; There are DC power sources, AC power sources, dual purpose power sources, adjustable speed sources, fixed speed sources with a wide variety of designs and colors, and some are equipped with wearing devices. For the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, it is advisable to use hollow and equipped devices.

3. Pudendal bulb

Pudendal bulb
(1) What is a pussy ball? A pussy ball is a type of exercise that women place in the vagina to enhance the sensitivity and flexibility of the vaginal wall, female sphincter, and pelvic floor muscles, making them instantly feel like mimosa. The relaxation of the vaginal wall muscles then accelerates the pleasure of orgasm. At present, many young women, especially postpartum women, can experience vaginal relaxation, and vaginal contractions are used to solve the problem of vaginal relaxation in women through exercise.
(2) Practice method for pussy ball:
First month
Start training with a single ball and persist for 30 minutes per day. At the beginning of use, after a few minutes of exercise, you may be afraid that the ball will slide into the body or out of the body. Please don’t worry, this is because the force of gravity will naturally cause the sphere to move downwards, and when encountering stimulation, the pelvic floor muscles will naturally contract, neither sliding into the body nor falling out of the body.
The second month
In the second month, you can consider using a slightly heavier ball for 30 minutes of daily training. You can take it for a walk, dance, or swim.
The third month
In the third month, two balls can be used to train together.
The fourth month
You can develop a dedicated daily maintenance plan based on your own situation.

4、love eggs

love egg
(1) What is a jumping egg? A jumping egg has an egg shaped part, some wired and some wireless. Wireless jumping eggs usually have a thin rope that can be pulled out of the vagina or anus after use, otherwise it may get stuck inside. Attention should be paid to preventing the discharge of secretions.
(2) Principle
The basic principle is to use the effect of vibration caused by the addition of eccentric copper to the motor, and to use the location where the axis of the bar type motor extends, adopt an eccentric configuration, such as a semi cylindrical or pie type. When the motor rotates, it will cause the center of gravity to shift (rotate around the core of the motor), resulting in a feeling of jumping egg vibration.
Due to the high electromagnetic noise of traditional cored motors, they are gradually moving towards wireless coreless motors, and brushless motors are also being used. The quality of the motor itself determines the speed (vibration force), volume, lifespan, and price.
(3) Material
Jumping eggs are made of rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, with a smooth surface. There are many particularly cute shapes and various colors of jumping eggs on the market, increasing the user’s interest.
(4) The Role of Jumping Eggs
The role of fun jumping eggs is inseparable from the stimulation of the sexy area. Placing a playful jerk in any sexy area of a woman’s body can create strong stimulation. Of course, in general, the most sensitive areas are the nipple, areola, neck, lower abdomen, inner thighs, armpits, and knee sockets. The function of “”Fun Jump Egg”” is to stimulate these parts and then transmit impulses to the brain, causing sexual excitement and a very strong feeling.
Foreign sexologists have even pointed out that the sexual excitement generated by jumping eggs with interest often exceeds women’s self-control, and the role of jumping eggs with interest cannot be resisted or concealed. Continuously stimulating the sexy area with playful jumping eggs will ultimately trigger orgasm. The role of ‘fun jumping eggs’ can even be seen in women who have never reached orgasm with their partner during sexual intercourse. Therefore, under the guidance of experienced sex therapists, women with frigidity can hope to improve their lack of orgasm through the use of playful jumping. Of course, playful jumping can also be used for men, but its stimulating and stimulating effects on men are far less significant and intense than those on women. The explanation given by sexologists is that women’s sexual arousal mechanisms may be more complex than men’s, requiring more caressing, stimulation, and preparation before orgasm arrives. They have a stronger response to the effect of sexual arousal.
At the same time, we cannot ignore the special role of the sexual jump, not only because it can stimulate the G-spot in the vagina and help women better enter a state of sexual excitement, but also as many foreign sexologists have said, the application of the sexual jump can maintain normal physiological stimulation of the female vagina for women who lack a sexual partner or cannot have normal sexual life with their partner, The role of fun jumping is just as important as regularly doing gymnastics to keep fit.
(5) Jumping eggs, passion in happiness
Fun skipping has become widely popular among young women and is also favored by single white-collar workers and older leftover women. Because jumping eggs, although small, can bring great comfort to your body and mind. In today’s society, with high work pressure and fierce competition, how can single women release their accumulated desires? Of course, it’s a small yet cute jumping egg! A small jump has a great effect and can effectively stimulate sensitive areas of the female body, especially sensitive areas such as the nipple, neck, and inner thighs. This stimulus will be quickly transmitted by the nerves to the brain center, thereby achieving the excitement of making love and completely relaxing the body and mind.
Foreign sexologists have even pointed out that the sexual excitement generated by women’s use of sex jumping can even exceed the pleasure brought by sex, and this pleasure often exceeds women’s self-control, making their love for sex jumping irresistible and undisguisable. Even many women demand to use it in conjunction with their partners during sexual intercourse, in order to achieve unlimited orgasm. Using playful jumping eggs to continuously stimulate women’s sensitive areas of the body will also trigger orgasms similar to sexual intercourse. Even many women who have never reached orgasm during sexual intercourse can achieve orgasm using jumping eggs. Therefore, foreign sex therapists often use jumping eggs to treat women with frigidity, and effectively improve the psychological state of these women who lack orgasm. Of course, playful jumping can also be used for men, but its stimulating and stimulating effects on men are far less significant and intense than those on women. For single women or women who are unable to have normal sex due to long-distance relationships, having fun and jumping off the hook is a good choice.

5. AV stick

av stick
(1) Definition of AV Stick: An AV stick is also a type of fun jump egg – long jump egg. At first, the AV stick was a massage stick designed specifically for teasing, but due to its powerful functions, it attracted the attention of many women and became a widely loved sex toy.
(2) AV rod structure
The overall vibratable AV stick is divided into: a grip for massaging the head and placing the remote control. AV rods are mostly designed with frequency conversion, and the control device is located on the rod body, allowing for the selection of appropriate vibration frequencies according to one’s own needs. The head can freely change the massage angle, and some AV sticks can also have their heads replaced. For example, the UnLess American premium AV stick 3rd generation has 3 different heads that can be replaced.
(3) Characteristics
1. Simple and fashionable appearance, popular among the public.
2. The design is compact and convenient to carry and use.
3. The head can be adjusted with arbitrary bending angles and massage directions to choose from.
4. Variable frequency remote control, enjoy the pleasure of being customized for oneself.
5. Different massage methods for the head and different experiences.
(4) AV Stick – Instructions for Use and Maintenance
1. Before using the product, please disinfect it and insert the battery according to the instructions.
After using the product, please remove the battery, clean and disinfect the product, and then dry the surface of the product for storage.
3. To extend the product’s lifespan, please store it in a cool and ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from areas touched by children.
Note: This type of product is for personal and couple use only, and cannot be borrowed or transferred.
When using AV sticks, it is recommended to use them with lubricating oil. After use, please disinfect them. When purchasing AV sticks, try to choose silicone material, which is softer. Both masturbation and moderation are acceptable

6. Female sex machine

Female sex machine

(1) Before using this device, please wipe and disinfect it with 1% bromogeramide solution or 75% medical alcohol, and apply a small amount of lubricant. It is better to use it with condoms
(2) PVC Engineering Passion Stick High grade Soft Adhesive and SiliconeThis appliance is for personal use only. After use, take it down and rinse it dry. It should be clean and hygienic, and the jacket should not come into contact with easily contaminated materials such as ink. Please pay attention to waterproofing of the power box
After use, the utensils are packed in packaging boxes and stored in their original positions for future use.
(3) Installation and Use
Open the packaging, take out the host, align the plug with the machine interface and directly plug it in
Connect the power adapter to the host, plug the power plug into the power socket, and then rotate the adjustment switch knob to activate the machine.
Before each use, please use the adjustment button to empty the machine for trial operation. After confirming that the main machine is working properly, the plug in the contact area and the human body should be fully lubricated (it is recommended to exceed 15ml until fully lubricated). Manually try to use the plug to smoothly insert into the human body. After connecting to the machine, adjust the appropriate speed for use.
After use, turn off the power switch, press the button at the plug connection, unplug the plug for cleaning, and then store it.

7. Other women’s sex toys

other sex toys