Pig Sucker Evaluation – Serious Evaluation of Fun Toys

The piglet sucking device, shaped like a piglet, stimulates sensitive areas through the sucking of the piglet’s mouth.

Overall design


From the outer packaging, there is only a pink pig and the "S-hand" logo, which will not make you think it is a sex toy, so girls who are worried that the package will be opened by their parents and friends can rest assured. After opening the box, there are four things: a pig sucker, a charger, an instruction manual and a thank you card.


The piglet sucker is about the size of a baseball, with two small ears, four small pig trotters and a big round mouth. Its shape feels a bit like McDull. Maybe McDull looked like this when he was a child.


The instruction manual does not specify the type of silicone, but the overall feel is hard, with only the ears and pig mouth being relatively soft


Toys have almost no odor when smelled far away, but there is a strong silicone smell when smelled near. After repeated cleaning, the smell becomes much lighter.


The operation of the suction device is very simple, with only one button behind the ear. Press and hold for three seconds to turn on the device, and switch between ten modes with each press. Press and hold for three more seconds to turn off the device.

The charging position is at the tail of the little pig, and when the plug is inserted at the deepest point and the blue light is on, it starts charging. It takes about two hours to charge, and it takes about one to one and a half hours to use.

Functional perception

Although the piglet sucking device has a total of 10 magnitudes, the overall feeling is weak. We conducted experiments using water surface.

  • From 1st to 6th gear, there is slight fluctuation on the water surface, which increases continuously with the number of gears.
  • At levels 7-8, the sound of the motor keeps increasing, and the skin begins to feel a noticeable sucking sensation, producing a large number of bubbles in the water.
  • At levels 9 to 10, noticeable noise is produced, with a noticeable skin sucking sensation and regular ripples on the water surface. The suction force can bounce the splashes.


The sucking noise of the piglet is not very friendly. When driving to 10th gear, it reaches 52 decibels. Even if the piglet is placed in the blanket, the vibration of the motor can still be heard.

User experience

According to our internal personnel testing, the piglet sucking device has a weak overall sucking sensation, making it difficult to achieve a “cake” sensation. Due to having only one button, the likelihood of accidental pressing is extremely high. There are a total of 10 levels of amplitude, but the difference between each level is not significant, the key is!!!! At that time, who would remember a few gears? If they couldn’t remember the 10th gear and pressed it again, she would stop, stop, stop, stop. Our girl said too much, it was all in tears.


Adorable in appearance, easy to operate, made of waterproof material, and widely used in various scenarios.
Insufficient suction force and excessive noise during use.
This is a fun toy that doesn’t look like a fun toy. When not in use, it can be used as a decoration at home, so you no longer have to worry about being discovered by your parents!


1) Novice player
As a toy with low suction power, it is very suitable for beginners to explore their bodies.
2) A girl who lives with others
This is a toy that can be used as a doll. It can be placed openly on the table during the day and carried around even on business trips at night.