Automatic Male Deep Throat Masturbator Vibrating Vagina Thrusting Sucking Masturbation Cup Real Vaginal Sex Toy For Men


This is an adult sex toy that uses a double headed airplane cup to exercise and masturbate. Through the design, it can be inserted before and after, with three different patterns, providing a diverse experience for one cup.
Inserting from the front: First, three layers of soft whisker wave plates scrape through the penis, then large particles strike the three sides of the glans, and then the large beads are squeezed again.
Inserting from the back: First, 15 large round beads are squeezed layer by layer, followed by three layers of tightening horizontal lines, and finally, three layers of tentacles are scraped across the entire penis.
High quality TPE non-toxic material, high elasticity, no odor, easy to clean

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