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This is an Amazon bestselling airplane cup, penis exercise massager, electric male masturbator, and adult sex toy. Creating the Arab method of exercising the penis: the Arab milking method.
The goal of Arab milking is to stretch the weak penis to make the skin and tissues softer for other exercises. This exercise is the easiest first step: making the penis completely weak. Second step: Using both hands, gently move them down the handle, pulling the penis down in a straight line towards the floor, with one hand about an inch behind the other, as if “”milking”” the penis, allowing each hand to slide over the head and away from the end of the penis. When doing so, you should feel some slight drag. There is no need to do this exercise vigorously. Visually speaking, using one hand to “”milk”” the penis behind the other hand is like climbing a rope. Step 3: Repeat for at least 2 to 3 minutes, or do as much as possible before starting to feel mild pain. If you feel pain at any time, stop and rest for a while. This exercise is most effective when standing, so privacy is necessary, preferably in a closed space, such as a bathroom. However, it does not require lubrication, so you can do it in most places, even in public restrooms. Step 4: Some supplementary suggestions for this exercise include: doing it in a straight line for 1 minute, then doing it 45 degrees to the right for 1 minute, and then repeating it 45 degrees to the left. Also, a useful way to warm up or maintain penile relaxation for this exercise when there is not enough time to do it fully is to stretch it with your hands in your pocket. A simple way to do this is to grab the penis through the pocket, then release the hand, keep it in place, and apply slight stretching pressure. Step 5: In order to weaken the penis from this exercise, stand straight and shake it out with your hands. Do this for a few seconds, then completely relax and rotate the hips to sway them back and forth. If you feel pain at this point, it indicates that you are working too hard or for too long. You should make corresponding changes the next time you do it. If the pain persists, it should be stopped for a day or two until it improves. If it lasts for more than 3 days, please consult a doctor. Once again, if you follow the steps correctly, this exercise will not harm you. Injured people are caused by excessive speed or force, and enlargement is a gradual process that cannot be achieved immediately

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